Upcoming Talks

Lecture Series, Department of Anthropology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-University: “African Literature and Cancel Culture: The Algorithmic Age of Personality” (June 20, 2023).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Africa at Noon: Topic: “The Archival Possibilities of Social Media.” Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

African Literature Association Lecture Series: “Authors Speak: New Books in African Literature” (February 25th, 2023).

#IAS_NUQ Virtual Book Talk: “Cultural Netizenship” (November 2, 2022).

Fellows Colloquium, Center for Advanced Internet Studies: “What is African Digital Humanities?” Universitätsstr. 104, Bochum, 44799 (October 12, 2022).

African Seminar, Johns Hopkins University: “Digital Afropolitans and the Racial Politics of Internet Scambaiting” (September 16, 2022)


Mail and Guardian: Behind concerns over Afcon is a culture of disdain

CBC‘s 45 Canadian poetry collections to watch for in fall 2021: Where The Baedeker Leads

KU News: From Lagos to Lawrence: ‘Where the Baedeker Leads’

arts 24: Poetry is not a luxury: Soro Soke captures the poetics of the #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria

BBC: Nigeria: The Country That Loves to Overachieve

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