Reading Shola Adenekan’s African Literature in the Digital Age

  Shola Adenekan’s African Literature in the Digital Age characterizes itself as “the first book-length study on the relationship between African literature and new media.” For a fascinating and inventive volume, this description is both apt and reticent, even if a reminder of the tad neglect of an area of African literary studies that still…More

Instagram Comedy and the Shadow of Nollywood

A scathing review of the political comedy Your Excellency, by Funke Akindele, written by an anonymous critic describes her directorial debut as a bunch of Instagram skits and not a movie. Rather than encountering ‘an amazing political comedy’ that satirizes Nigeria’s practice of democracy in a digital era, the audience, according to the anonymous reviewer,…More

A Play of Hashtags: The #Sòrò Ṣókè Generation That is #NotTooYoungToRun

Keynote Delivered at the 2021 January 9 Collective event in Lagos I wish to begin by expressing my profound thanks to J9C for asking me to give a second keynote at this important event. As someone who has spent the last seven years of their academic life practically living on social media and harvesting the…More

Twenty, twenty

You seemed like a lifetime of grief,an Island without stories or liliesto flaunt fragrances of blooms,or streams to sparkle with sunshine; only dirges to the empty chairat the evening meal of mandrakes.The years before joust for infamy,sashaying sideways poppiesfrom thawing clay drippingwith the warmth of an infected summer. The Isolation sucked life out of you,Like…More


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