Twenty, twenty

You seemed like a lifetime of grief,an Island without stories or liliesto flaunt fragrances of blooms,or streams to sparkle with sunshine; only dirges to the empty chairat the evening meal of mandrakes.The years before joust for infamy,sashaying sideways poppiesfrom thawing clay drippingwith the warmth of an infected summer. The Isolation sucked life out of you,Like […]

The Police Is Not Your Friend: #EndSARS and the Forceful Exertions of Friendships in Nigeria

While the recent viral #EndSARS in Nigeria may have been successful, the issues it raises impel us to rethink the famous motto of the Nigerian Police, The Police is Your Friend. For those who did not notice, #EndSARS was a citizen-led social media campaign against police brutality and violence in Nigeria which was, at a point, the […]

The Selfie

(After Wendell Berry) Once there was a man who filmed his existence.He went collecting his stories in selfies,with a smartphone to his fingers, makinga gallery of the finest images life brought him,of the places and faces his clicks could findin the busy and fleeting world around him. He recordedhimself in the selfie, which preserved his […]

Digital African

I wrote this piece in 2014, alerting humanities scholars in Nigeria and in other parts of Africa to embrace the digital humanities more actively. Much has changed since I first posted this essay on several blogs as a way of mobilizing new media scholars in Nigeria to build digital infrastructure and commit to digital pedagogies […]


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