an epitaph on the loss of nuance, or on the crooked timber of humanity

In some corners of the internet some brothers spill their rage onto an epitaph yet to be written, a message carved by time on the tombstones of terror. I want to ask, is your anger a dirge mistimed, or a muttering of protests drowned by noise? Or what is to be lost if we swoop […]

An unterrifying unknown

What is familiar soon fades away. Neither as an untravelled path that petters out at night when the sky kisses an eerieness from a distance. Nor as a memory disappearing into a depth that explodes into an afterlife of traumas. But as a rebellion that purloins our strongest desires, tethered to the brutal fictions of […]

Blood Sisters and Another Nollywood Ówàḿbẹ̀

*Some initial reflections on the movie. In Netflix’s Nigerian original series, Blood Sisters, directed by Biyi Bandele and Jeremiah Gyang, Ówáḿbẹ̀ is once again thematically affirmed and reengaged as a collective praxis of social celebration, one that enables an endless reproduction of an economy of pleasures in Postcolonial Lagos.  Ówàḿbẹ̀ is Nigeria’s flamboyant party culture […]


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