A Republic of Extraverted Pentecostals

Ebenezer Obadare’s Pentecostal Republic: Religion and the Struggle for State Power in Nigeria masterfully captures the troubling intersections of state politics and religion in Nigeria, staging vividly Pentecostalism’s unabashed appropriation of political power in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. What Pentecostal Republic accomplishes the most is how it makes intelligible the transformation of the political by the forces of religion. The…More

Desert Journeys

About noon they arrived to its scorching welcome,A Sahara of arid wind unfurling before them. There the sun radiated proudly, burning their skinwith the touch of its beams, unwanted companions. One of the travellers trudged wearily through shifting sandsavoiding a fall on prying Cacti calling out with colourful pokes. Another steadied a backpack drenched with…More